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Feras Hanoun Sweets

Feras Hanoun Sweets is well known for making the world’s best Kunafa Nabulsiya. The Kunafa Nabulsiya is an Arabic Sweet which was originated in Nablus, a famous city in Palestine. Feras Hanoun Sweets is honored to introduce this product to the U.A.E. since 1984.

With the progressively increasing number of outlets in the country, Feras Hanoun Sweets is presently serving a vast scope of mainstream Arabic desserts, pastries, and fast foods to the people of the U.A.E.


Feras Hanoun Sweets inspires and innovates with a unique & wide range of sweets along with bakery and fast food items. This allows us to accommodate consumer wishes and expectations through high-quality products with authentic Arabic flavours, appearances and taste sensations.


To build a leading organization passionate about sweets with the drive to grow and develop the confectionery market in the U.A.E., through our longstanding traditional expertise, innovation and empowered talent.