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Feras Hanoun Sweets

We are a manufacturer of Arabic Sweets specialized with different origin and Kinds to Commitment of finest quality, the vast variety of sweets and world famous foods starting from eastern, we also specialized for service of catering in general, special and seasonal occasions.

We have big network of branches with Point Of  Sales system all over the United Arab Emirates.

We keep upgrading the level of our products with a view to achieve the full satisfaction of customers, and our products undergo continuous improvement.


Feras Hanoun Sweets started its operation with its first branch in Sharjah City UAE, after keen observation of non availability of genuine Kunafa Nabulsi under the Supervision of Mr. Mohammed Hanoon and Mr. Khalid Hanoon.

This kind of Kunafah is prepared pursuant to traditional customs existing since hundred of years, with the use of special materials and well-weighed proportions in order to give the exact taste and flavor of Kunafah.

We maintained and used this recipe over the years to reach the lovers of this dish at their different races and cultures.

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